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About The Author
Javier Berrellez

Born and raised in Nogales, Arizona, Javier joined the Marine Corps in 1997 and spent four years immersing himself into a culture like no other. After a successful tour of duty, he spent the subsequent eleven years as a defense contractor working for Hewlett Packard spearheading Risk/Threat Management, Continuity of Operations, and Business Transformation initiatives supporting government programs for the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command.

Since 2014, Javier has been leading a wide breadth of Business Transformation initiatives for heavy weights in the Entertainment industry. In the evening and weekends, Javier spends his time conjuring-up sci-fi thrillers and putting his thoughts on paper.  The Council: Acquiring the Great Orbs will be is his first published piece of work.

To keep his sanity in check, Javier spends every other second of his life entertaining his wife and dog, and training for endurance and obstacle races.


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