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Everyone Has A Past
The Council

Made up of nine wealthy and influential aristocrats from around the globe, The Council are the epitome of the deep state for their representative nations, manipulating almost every major advancement in technology and genetics. Their facilities come not from what they know, but from a secret they’ve been managing for almost forty years. When a mission of theirs, unknowingly led by a little-known intelligence agency known as the NRO, goes awry The Council is forced to cover everything up and destroy any possibility of their secret being exposed.

Adam Ireneo

A special intelligence agent with the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), Adam manages a team of specialists responsible for coordinating satellite reentry and recovery missions, primarily for the Navy. Adam's success on the team comes not from his technical skills in the area of satellites, physics or geospatial imaging, but from his experience in threat management with the marines. He's never professed to be an expert, but his proven track record, and other unknown traits, got the attention of military leaders who hired him right out of the military.


Considered a workaholic by his friends and co-workers, Adam still finds time to train for and run in marathons. His bad habits with fast food and snacks, keep him from being much thinner and faster.


After a routine, but secret mission goes afoul, Adam is forced to revive hardened skills to protect his life and that of his colleagues.

Linda Phung

The newest team member with the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), Linda does her best to fit in and prove she belongs. A former Marine fighter pilot with a background in physics, Linda easily transitioned to the defense industry as a contractor before joining the NRO. Her keen ability to process highly technical information in a short period of time, is no different than her physical capabilities.  A Cross-Fit junkie who thrives under pressure, she's the epitome of a motivational speaker as her mouth is as fast as her mind and body.


After surviving and escaping an unprovoked attack, she meets up back with her team who have suffered a similar fate.

John Lance

The leader for the National Reconnaissance Office in San Diego, John keeps a low profile and keeps much of who he is and what he does to himself. John provides his team as much breathing room to operate as possible, without being an absent leader. When it's needed though, John tests his team's capabilities to operate with minimal guidance - and his team has learned to expect as much, forcing them to be overly prepared and informed.


A former Navy Captain who was being groomed to be an admiral by the Pentagon, John surprised everyone when he decided to call it quits with his military career. Instead, he became a government employee who got paid three times as much - with little to no risk of being shot.


When he and his team are all attacked, John's involvement in the incident surprises his team.

Chris James

Assigned to lead security for the NRO at the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, Chris is a Navy Commander and an active Navy Seal. Chris oversees a small cadre of special forces operators who align to no one entity. His team is there because the Defense Intelligence Agency couldn’t trust anyone else to do it. They needed an independent organization, removed from bureaucracy, that would do what they needed to do to protect their secrets and the team.


Helping the NRO team fight combatants they or no one else ever expected, Chris leads the team to find answers to questions they never thought of asking. Chris uses his skills, resources and tactics to lead the team to retrieve alien artifacts that his body are averse to and routinely succumbs to their power.

First Sergeant Sisler

Behind the mystery of the alien artifacts, The Great Orbs, First Sergeant Sisler has been at the center of it all since the beginning. His team first found the artifacts and learned of their power. Starting as a member of the Marines Corps Force Recon Team and later joining the Marine Raiders, an elite special forces operations unit, he was thrusted in to a world he never expected.


Forced to fend for his life after almost being killed in order to keep a secret buried, he joins forces with the NRO team to prevent escalation of an issue he never anticipated.

David Krane

Serving with the NRO longer than anyone else on team, David has been with the NRO for twenty-one years.  David was with the team when it was still a classified organization and the government denied its existence. Starting his government career with the Navy as a Civil Engineering Officer working on classified projects, the NRO found him and asked him to help develop new capabilities for satellites that the CIA needed to counter the growing threat Chinese would prove over the coming decades.


Although with the team longer than anyone else, David never wanted to be a team leader. He flourished in the technical details and hated the idea of having to manage people.      

Ernie Steadman

Being the youngest NRO agent on the team, Ernie is constantly harassed by his team for being a little heavier than the rest.  Everyone on the team knows though that they can't push Ernie too far; he's the smartest on the team behind David. A former airman with the air force, who picked up a degree from CalTech in Physics, makes Ernie a rare specimen.

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